What's YouBuz

A Complete Marketing & Prospecting Platform...that's just the beginning!
YouBuz was founded in 2006, YouBuz is a technology company that specializes in Web-based software development for Real Estate businesses. Youbuz expertise includes prospecting, marketing and feedback development for the Real Estate industry.

Our YouBuz division was born of a need for real estate agents to easily and affordably create prospecting and marketing tools for their business. With our staff of experienced software developers, we were able to create a product that has changed the way homes are marketed in North America and beyond.

Why we are different?
Because we developed YouBuz from the ground up, we are quick to respond to consumer requests and questions. YouBuz have set the standard for Real Estate prospecting and marketing all on one platform. This is truly a custom and world-class marketing solution.

Explorer "Right Tools, Right Now" Account

Now you can implement FREE marketing, branding, prospecting and feedback systems all on one platform. Try it...It’s FREE!

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Agent Account

Choose from two options to fit your individual needs. Agent software helps you build a marketing and prospecting platform.

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Broker Account

YouBuz Broker software gives you a complete real estate marketing, advertising and feedback platform for all agents in your office.

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Tools to fit your Needs

YouBuz tools are visually stimulating, rich in information content that will invite prospects to follow-up with the listing agent, buyer's agent and brokers.

  • Single Listing Site
    This patented technology empowers Brokers and Agents to create individual websites for each of their listings.
  • Home Feedback
    Our property feedback system is the easiest, most efficient and affordable method for receiving feedback from property showings.
  • Email Drip
    The Email Drip campaign was developed to help you maintain constant contact with your prospects and clients using a "Drip Email" style approach to relationship building.
  • Printable Flyers
    In just seconds, you can have a full-featured ready printable color flyers to choose from that are designed-to-sell.

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YouBuz was developed with simplicity in mind. Using campaign base programming strategies, you can create all of your marketing tools for your listing or buyer in less than 5 minutes.